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About us

We strive for quick and friendly service and provide the highest level of transportation around Sumoto. Our driving professionals are available for long to short distance transfers. Sumoto Taxi is known for making customer satisfaction a top priority. One of the features of our service that is not found in other companies' pick-up service is the attentive attention. For more information on the services of our driving professionals, Please contact the staff!

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Service contents

With a wide range of services, our highly-skilled and skilled staff will meet your various needs. Whatever your request, our staff is committed to providing you with satisfactory service. We look forward to your feedback.


​Transfer to each major transportation

Skilled staff will punctually keep you where you want when you use the time-sensitive transportation, and we promise you a transfer service that will satisfy you. In addition, we own a jumbo taxi that can be used by up to 9 people, so we will correspond to use by a large number of people.  We will be happy to discuss your usage fees, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Journey around each place

With our long-term experience and accumulated know-how, we have been providing travel services around the world with our unique responsiveness. Always deliver to your destination comfortably and on time. The vehicle we own is our pride. Regardless of traffic conditions, we will always send you to the destinations near Sumoto city you want. We listen to your requests and make every effort to ensure that you are delivered to your destination safely. Please feel free to contact us for more details or to make a reservation.

Pick-up by nursing care vehicle

Moving to a nursing care facility, where people tend to be anxious. It is our duty to spend that time comfortably. You can ride with confidence with our car transfer service for nursing care and welfare. You can arrive at your destination in a relaxed mood and enjoy a comfortable time while riding. For a smooth transfer service that satisfies our customers, we can also appoint a driver who has a training course for new caregivers. For reservations, please feel free to contact us.

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Contact us We'll be expecting you!

999-1 Ōno, Sumoto, Hyogo 656-0055, Japan

TEL 0120-61-1261

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