​Nursing care (wheelchair) taxi

Nursing care (wheelchair) taxis are available on the slopes from the rear. Equipped with anti-backup device and fixing device so that customers can be carried safely.

​●Interior of nursing taxi car

Nursing care (wheelchair) taxis can accommodate one wheelchair customer and one person. Because there is also a driver who has acquired training for the first-time care staff (former helper level 2), please do not hesitate to contact us when making an inquiry for reservation.

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999-1 Ōno, Sumoto, Hyogo 656-0055, Japan

TEL 0120-61-1261

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​​TEL 0120-61-1261

TEL 0799-22-1261

FAX 0799-22-3371

999-1 Ōno, Sumoto, Hyogo 656-0055, Japan

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